A.O.K. is your neighborhood Contractor. Your home is our home. We work by one standard "To produce quality year after year". Below find out how it all started...

I have lived in Orange and Sullivan Counties for more then 40 years. I now reside in Wurtsboro, N.Y. with my wonderful wife Maryanne, our son Vincent and can't forget Kodi and Teddy our "Goldens"

It all started In 1987 when I owned an operated a small business inside a gym in Sullivan County. My business included selling clothing and health food related items. In addition I also worked for the owners of the Gym as a personal trainer for new members along with some private training sessions. I did this for a couple of years and in 1989 one of the people I was training mentioned he was in construction and ran a framing crew in Rockland County. I told him as a kid I worked mostly doing labor related things around construction and new my way around a job site... On the spot he offered me a job to learn about framing. After a day of thinking about it I took him up on his offer so I could earn some extra money. I did this for about a month and it felt great. So a short time later I decided to leave the gym, & pursue the construction. I work framing homes, additions and all types of things for a short time while traveling form Sullivan to Rockland County. I moved to Pine Bush a short time later to ease the commute and worked with this company for a year and a half. During this time I also picked up some side work and as time went on people I would work for would say to me, "it's so hard to find a dependable contractor and you should do this full time!!" Well we all know the customer is always right so I took a chance and in 1991, A.O.K. was born.

The name of my business has an interesting origin. The A.O.K. are Initials & not the catchy phrase A - OK as most people first think. The letter A is from my Grandfather name Alexander, the O is from my then wife's Grandfather Otto and the K is from my last name Karpinsky. A short time later I added the logo of the hand as it was a good fit.

Well it's been 26 years now and A.O.K. has served more then 2,500 customers and as a result we have become a trusted name among home and business owners. I look forward to serving more of my neighbors in the Hudson Valley for many more years to come!!!

Thank you All, Greg D. Karpinsky, President


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